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When Google purchased YouTube in 2006, YouTube was
primarily a user-to-user portal, mainly for sharing funny
pet videos, family adventures and similar content.  

But Google quickly took advantage of the site's popularity, as well as its technology to bring exciting new ways for businesses large and small to promote their sites. In addition to YouTube channels, YouTube content is seen across Google's various networks, with more to come. 

It's a wonderful opportunity for your business to connect
to your current and potential customers. 







At Rowby Videos we have unique skills and talents. We are much more than only a video production company.  We know how to use YouTube, as well as Google Local and other Google services to bring your business face-to-face to your target audiences with compelling and entertaining videos. We work closely with your SEO and SEM teams to deliver videos that are search optimized and, equally important, will appeal to your web site visitors.  Please contact us for a consultation to help you determine the best ways to use video to promote your business on YouTube -- and beyond!

  • When people shop or look for services on the Internet they want to see and hear the people who are behind the website. Just like when they visit a store or a professional service in the brick and mortar real world, people want to see and hear the persons offering the products and services.  Your customers want to see and hear you to determine if you are knowledgeable and someone they can trust before they give you their money.  They want to get personal with you.  And nothing gets personal better than quality Internet videos.

    Your website can have all the "flash", all the fancy graphics, but without professionally produced videos you are losing business to sites that include videos.  Your videos can feature yourself, your staff, demonstrations of your products and testimonials of satisfied customers, mini-infomercials and more.  Today's web surfers have been trained since childhood via television and now the web to depend on  videos to finalize their purchasing decisions. Combined with today's explosion of on line videos, your consumers are relying on persuasive Internet videos to decide on what to buy.

    For example, you would be smart to take advantage of the persuasive talents of your best salespeople and put their videos on line to entice,  attract, and grab new customers. We do it all for you, using videos to leverage the intimacy of the Internet and make more salesand build loyalty on line.

  • For best and fastest results choose our Total Package. It includes videos for your website, videos for You Tube and videos for Google Local and Google Natural Search. We produce, edit and set up everything for you, using our years of SEO and marketing expertise. Our Total Package, take full advantage of our expert knowledge of how Google Local and Google Natural Search pulls in relevant videos from YouTube. You can't do it yourself if you want the maximum results. You are the expert in your business. We are the experts in our business. Let us handle it!

    In addition to our Total Packages, we can customize your videos to include spokespersons, production staff including makeup persons, audience participatio -- whatever it takes to present yourself to your customers 24/7 to perfection for your authentic online image.

  • In today's marketplace, a multi-dimensional and interactive website is a vital extension of your brick & mortar office. But fancy flash and snappy graphics are not enough. You need videos on your site, on You Tube, Google Local and other sites to grab webs surfers' attention and convert them into loyal customers. Regularly updated videos is just one solution that engages your web audience. And we are indeed talking about an "audience". In Rowby's years of network television Rowby's job was to grab millions of eyeballs to network shows. Now all of that invaluable background has been transferred to the talented team behind Rowby Videos.

    Many of today's consumers appreciate the convenience of 24/7 access to websites. But you cannot be "on" your website 24/7, in perfect salesperson condition. You need videos that enhance your image -- ready to do the job over and over again -- as your videos engage the customers day and night, all over the world.

    VideoPro Package

    • Increase monthly revenue with our innovative videos. We produce them to bring more business -- and loyal customers -- for your company.
    • Your customers can pick and choose what videos to look at -- product demos, educational demos, testimonials, mini-infomercials, and so on. There are many choices and opportunities -- and we handle it all for you!
  • The Internet has become a vast resource of information for shoppers. It has revolutionized on line sales and services, allowing web sites large or small, the same opportunities to market their products and services on the Internet in an effective and appealing manner. With RowbyVideos, we make it easy.

    Compared with attracting new customers through advertising or conventional marketing, websites featuring videos are cost effective... and the sales possibilities are endless. Google Search, You Tube, Google Local and other video marketing capabilities of today's world wide web provide volumes of prospect traffic not possible in a "brick and mortar" storefront setting. Your Rowby Video enhanced Website establishes a dynamic presence for your company on the world wide web limited only by your imagination and our talented team.

    You Tube Enhanced Internet Videos

    • Search Engine-Optimized You Tube videos means your own site get more hits.
    • Videos can be updated to promote new products and seasonal sales opportunities.
    • Cleverly produced viral videos can explode on You Tube bringing your company a huge spike in sales..